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Chatham Printing is now able to provide many kinds of mailing options.   Whether you have a small mailing or large mailing, please give us a call (518-392-9737) or send an email to We'll send you a quote and be in touch.


With Chatham Printing, you might not have to pay "full fare" on postage again.  Even First-Class Mail can be discounted.  It starts with a phone call or email - let us know what you're trying to do, and we'll help you get the best postage rates possible.



Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a great way of reaching all residents and/or businesses with a qualifying-sized card. You don't need to sign-up for a USPS postal account, just contact us and let us know who you want to reach.  Postage rates are as low as 16 1/2 ¢ each!



We can help your non-profit organization get some of the lowest postage rates available.  Even lower than commercial bulk mail rates are Postal Service not-for-profit rates.  Just ask how we could help you get started.



Chatham Printing has tremendous experience in shipping small and large quantities of parcels for small businesses and national corporations.  FedEx, UPS & USPS as well as courier services.



Yes, they make machines to do this!  If you have a large quantity of invoices, or, would prefer to use pre-cancelled First-Class, Marketing Mail (Bulk) Rate stamps or even Non-Profit stamps, then you have stamping options.


Some of the mailing services we offer:

*  Consumer, Business & Voter data lists

*  Labeling & Addressing

*  Tabbing

*  Folding & Inserting into envelopes

*  Poly bagging

*  Hand assembly

*  Drop-shipping

*  Personalized mailings

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